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The Vampire Diaries: Jailhouse Rock

Spoiler alert:  I have one episode left until the "mid season finale" in Season 5.  Whatever the eff that is.   The titles of breaks these shows take have gotten ridiculous.  I'm waiting for them to start the "quarter season hiatus".  Or the 1/8th season "Hang on, we'll be back in an episode or two" break...
<-----I look like that guy.
I look like that guy. -------->
OK so these guys at Worthington or Whitman or whatever college this is look alike.  I get them mixed up sometimes.  This show loves its doppelgangers.

Kindof an interesting story with Damon back in "jail" at the WHITMORE!  That's it!!  It's the Whitmore estate.  And WHO is this tasty tuna in the cell next to him??  He's partial to Jag-yoo-ars like a true Brit.  I think I love him.

Why in the name of all things holy would Stefan let Caroline shove him in a box?  AND - isn't it kindof amusing that Stefan's whining about being in the box for 3 months...when Damon was having his eyeball cut out every day for five YEARS - like Prometheus's liver!

Ummm...can I make a slight suggestion?  Why doesn't Damon drink from Elena and get some strength back?   I know Elena has vervain in her blood but it's gotta be better than nothing, right??

OMG this poor guy, Enzo, in the cell next to Damon in the 1950s!  First he offers himself up for the torture before Damon...and then he hands over his ration of blood.  Wowsa.  He's going to die and I'm going to be pissed.  Then all I'll have is Stefan and he's being an idiot in a box.

OK that's it for now.  I have to go actually pay attention.

NO WAIT!!!  Katherine is in the box with Stefan!!  WTF????  "You're Stefan Salvatore.  Suck it up."  ROFLMAO!!!  Oh I love Katherine.  She's so rude and awesome.  :)

Oh SHIT - Damon's leaving Enzo in the cage!!  SO awful!!  He saved you, douche!!!  OMG I can't believe what I'm seeing.  I love how it's such a dire situation that he's got to leave Enzo...yet he saunters out like he's doing a Calvin Klein commercial for organic boxer briefs.

Damon, could you stay away for a little
while longer?  This guy's kinda hot.
LOL  "Mini Wes".  Exactly!!!  That's what I said!!!  They're like...the same person!  It's a creepshow!!

Ew.  Stefan and Katherine.  Ew, ew, ew.

Yes, I'm Enzo, that hot guy
everyone's talking about. 
Oooh...Elena's in the gurney.  NEXT TO ENZO!! HE'S BACK!!!  Right ON!!!  Now THAT'S a face I can look at on a weekly basis.  Excellent!

What is going to happen next week??  It's the mid season finale.  WhatEVER.  ;)