Someone commented anonymously on my old A Discovery of Purgatory blog this morning and reminded me of my post about how I wanted Matthew Goode to play Matthew Clairmont. Um, squee??

This got me thinking...what about everyone else??

Has YOUR <insert character name here> every been played by the actor you wanted?!

TURN: Washington's Spies: Holy Woodhull

I can't remember the last time I saw a few minutes of TV this riveting. I couldn't look away. Hell, I couldn't BREATHE.


Carol and Tracey's PurgText Du Jour

So Tracey and I had a bit of an entertainment convo this AM via text. It's a visual likeness of one of our hour-long videos, in about 5 minutes or less. LOL I'm in blue, Tracey's in grey. Enjoy! 😘

Bloodline Season 3 Trailer

I can't decide if I'm posting this because I'm so effing STOKED for Season 3 on Sunday night...or if I just like looking at Kyle Chandler.  Something tells me it's a little of both. 😈


You could tell yourself that Major Hewlett isn't exactly the toughest guy alive...

But you'd be dead wrong. 

My OUTLANDER Presents: Droughtlander Diversions!

This is a video from My OUTLANDER Purgatory...but I thought you guys might enjoy it, too. We talk about a lot of different TV series in addition to Outlander...like Mercy Street, Survivor, TURN: Washington's Spies, The Americans, etc etc. Hope you like it!

My Black Sails Withdrawal

Apparently creating memes makes one feel better when she's lamenting over missing one of her favorite series after it's been gone barely one week...

Deep Thoughts

What would you think about a Four Weddings and a Funeral remake with Robert Pattinson playing Hugh Grant's role?  Just wondering...