The Fault in Our Stars

SPOILER ALERT:  I don't give details but I kindof "go there".  So avoid if you don't want to know...or start pondering what happens in this book.

Tracey recently reminded me that I never blogged after reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green - at her suggestion.

What can I possibly say that will do this book justice?  (Especially without being my usual, smartass self?)

It is beautiful.  It is painful.  It is comforting.  It is funny.  It is innovative.  It is lovely.  It is heart breaking.

And it is life...for too many kids.

I missed these characters so much after I finished the book.  I miss their awesome personalities and their quirky situations.  I miss the Literal Heart of Jesus (SO funny) and the descriptions of things like Isaac's giant owl eye.  I miss how much they made me laugh while their lives were anything but funny.  I miss the way Augustus Waters made me feel and the way Hazel Lancaster made me think.

And sadly enough, I miss a friend I lost at 17.  That is what happens when you read this amazing book.  You look at your own life and your own relationships...and you thank God for what you have...and cry for what you've lost.

PS - This book is being made into a film.  And while the actors are not really matching up with the characters in my brain, I am really looking forward it (and will certainly bring my tissues.)

The White Queen: OH NO SHE DI'N'T

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched ONE episode of The White Queen on Starz. 
Don't think I won't use this bitch...

Holy SHITE.  Sorry to be so crass right out of the gate, but there is just NO other way around it.  This show is goooooooood.  And ALL I could think during the whole, bloody episode was "THIS IS WHAT OUTLANDER IS GOING TO BE LIKE!!!!!"  (Yes.  The shouty caps are necessary.)

First off...this show is GORGEOUS.  With none of the cheese factor of Camelot (which I LOVED, by the way, and highly recommend.  That is not a diss.  Philip Winchester and Joe Fiennes are beYOND.)

Just put a ring on it, chumley.
Secondly, it has my #1 criteria for an awesome show: the "Oh no she di'n't" factor.  And there is a LOT of it.  When Edward gave the priest a funny look, I was like "Uh oh.  Something's not right."  So you think I'd have figured it out already by the time Elizabeth's brother told her Edward has done this before and the priest was a fake.  At that point, I sat straight up on the edge of the couch and said (say it with me, now): "OH NO HE DI'N'T!!!!!!"  To which my husband replied, "HOW did you NOT see this coming?!?"  I said "Well...I kinda did...but...but..." and really had no response after that.

So then - when Edward stands his badass self up and tells everyone "I have married Lady Elizabeth" ?!?  There were not enough "oh no he di'n'ts" in this WORLD to define that kind of drama!  This show has more twists and turns than that nauseating teacup ride at Disney.  IT'S DELICIOUS!!!

"Ain't no one shavin' MY forehead."
And Edward's mother?!  Holy crap!  When Elizabeth meets her and double teams her with her own mother, Jacquetta...and Cecily has to BOW TO THE QUEEN?!?  It's PRICELESS!!  There is more drama and bitch-factor in that one scene than every episode of General Hospital and Young and the Restless put together!!!

And I will admit, I kept wondering "How much of this stuff even happened the way they're portraying it to have happened?"  I am dying to Google...but being the spoiler freak I am, I will refrain.  I don't even want to know what happened in real life, let alone on the show.  Yes, I am a Tudorphile...but more 16th century Tudors...not 15th century Tudors and their enemies.  So I suppose I'll be googling away when these 10 episodes are over.

One totally strange-yet-interesting thing that has always fascinated me about that time period is that the women plucked out their eyebrows and shaved or plucked their hair at the hairline to have a smooth appearance and elongated forehead underneath their (very odd) headdresses.  Clearly everyone has all their hair on this show.  My god.  Everyone is stunning.  (Again - get ready for Outlander, y'all!)

ALSO...I'm dying to know if the god awful story of the "Princes in the Tower" will be covered on this show.  Do NOT CLICK THAT LINK if you don't like spoilers.  TRUST me.  I'm just wondering if - and how - they'll cover THAT.  If not in this series...perhaps the next (will there be one?)

Can't WAIT for Sunday.  The White Queen AND Breaking Bad.  IT'S LIKE MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Breaking Bad: "Blood Money" (And Lots OF It!)

SPOILER ALERT:  I have seen one episode of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. 

Ooooh SNAP!  And we're off with a BANG!

We now know that Walt is on the lamb ("Hello Carol") and that freaky assed skateboarders have taken over his home.  (That seriously freaked me out more than so many horrific things on this show.  His HOME has been overtaken by the "2 Dollar" kid from Better Off Dead!!)

And can you BELIEVE Hank closed that garage door and put a beating on Walter's face?!  The only thing more awesome than that move was Walter telling Hank he'd better tread lightly.  HOLY SHIT!!!!  I have never been so on the edge of my seat before...and I'm ALWAYS on the edge of my seat with this damned show!  5 seasons of being on the edge of my seat!  It's genius!!

While hubby and I were waiting for the episode to start, we watched some of the end of last season...and OH my god.  "Say my name"..."Heisenberg".  WOW was that powerful.  I am really going to miss Bryan Cranston when this show goes off the air.

And how about JESSE!!  That poor, tortured soul!!  Now he's out throwing cash around in the hood!
 Does he not realize that is going to make the news?  Watch the homeless man rat him out.  That would SUCK!

That is the beauty of these last 8 episodes.  No one knows WHAT the eff is going to come down the pike.  It's like a big, fat game of Russian Roulette!  ANYTHING can happen!!!

And I'm SO happy we got to see Saul already in Episode 1.  Or 9.  Whatevs.  BOUNCE!!!

Here's a little something to get you back on track if you're still a little sketchy.

Yeah bitch...magnets.

True Blood: "Life Matters" (As Does Good Writing)

SPOILER ALERT:  I have one True Blood left this season. 

WTF.  No seriously.  W. T. F?!  Have I been watching True Blood?  Because it feels more like Bonanza with a little vampire fun thrown in.

Let's start with Terry Bellefleur's ONE HOUR FUNERAL last night.  Seriously?!  Don't get me wrong, I really liked Terry B.  I liked him in the books...I liked him on the show.  But the man was a secondary, no, TERTIARY character.  Why center an episode around his death?  Effing flashbacks and stories.  It made no sense!  I said to my husband "Why are they trying to get us to like Terry so much now that he's dead?!"  I'm already annoyed that they killed him off.  Why rub it in?!

Moving on...

Wait 'til you see my hair
when it's flipped in the back!
Dear Alcide, France called, they want that women's hairstyle back.  For the love of all that is holy.  They can't put that mop in a ponytail or some sort of man bun for the funeral where he's supposedly "all dressed up" (in his checkered shirt and jacket...LOL).  WHY is this person still on the show?  He has no place.  He HAD a place in the book series...but now, he's just eye candy...and I can watch Magic Mike for that.

Moving on...

Dear True Blood Producers, you have taken Charlaine Harris' very unassumingly charming character named Sam Merlotte and made him into the most boring character that has ever NOT graced HBO's presence.  Please kill him and put us - and Sam Trammell - out of our misery.  Either that, or let him get into trouble with Andy and banter with Sookie at Merlotte's...LIKE HE'S SUPPOSED TO.

Moving on...

"These jumpsuits are so ugly,
I justcan't take it anymore!!!"
Can someone please explain to me why all the vampires have to remain in captivity, two seasons in a row?  It's getting horrifically old.  One or two eps - fine.  But the whole season of them in god-awfully unflattering jumpsuits, sitting around playing Go Fish all day?  NOT interesting.  In the least.  Although - I will say this:  You killed Eric's annoying sister, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Good things:

- Blondie in the white suit.  Not only did I know Jason Stackhouse doesn't have it in him to kill someone in cold blood, but she is way too juicy a character to kill.  Can't wait to see what she cooks up next.

Sometimes I'm kinda hot...
And other times, I look like
a blood-sucking Sean Astin.  
- Sookie's new romance.  I find it intriguing.  Although I can't decide if I find Warlowe meh - or hot.  He seriously changes from minute to minute on that show.  He's like that girl on Seinfeld who looked good - or bad - depending on what lighting she was in.  His accent helps though.  That, I will give him.

- Bill Compton in a white henley.  My lord that man certainly does rock the henley.  Espesh when it's ripped up and covered in blood.

- Eric...doing anything, anyone, anyhow.  (Except killing Steve Newlin - I'm bummed about that.  He was a great character.)  I love when he flies.  I knew he was going before Pam even told him not to.

- Lafayette.  Lordddddd thank you for Lafayette.  Although - is it me - or are they girling him up a bit too much lately?  I always felt like the best thing about Lafayette was his perfect mix of femininity and masculinity.  Now he's all done up with his doo-rag...AND hoop earring...AND false eyelashes...AND sequins...  I'm not sure if there's still a mans anywhere in there.  (Said like Lafayette!)

Thank you, Jason, for making people
still tune in every Sunday night!
- Jason Stackhouse.  OMG I love this man.  I hope they're paying him well, because he, Nelsan Ellis and Alexander Skarsgard are they only things keeping this show afloat.

Long story short - ONLY thanks to the vampires - and Jason Stackhouse - was last night's episode a ton of fun.  It reminded me a lot of the Book 4? ballroom scene at the Queen's house we were totally robbed of now that they've all but forgotten Charlaine harris...with all the carnage and Eric being on a mission... if only he would've rolled a head and excitedly exclaimed "Bowling for vampires!"

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Netflix's House of Cards: An "Oooh Snap!" Kind of Show

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched Season 1, episode 1 of House of Cards. 

We turned on House of Cards tonight after seeing an interesting New York Times blog post about Ugh...a political show about Washington?  Meh."
its Emmy-worthiness.  My first thought upon the first scene?  "

My second thought about 10 minutes later?

"Ooooh SNAP!  I think I can get into this show."

Kate Mara is OUTSTANDING.  Absolutely delicious.  That woman seems like she'll do anything for a role.  And I love her for it.

Kevin Spacey is...classic Kevin Spacey.  Fantastic slow, southern drawl...calm, cool exterior...and a hurricane of vengeance going on behind his eyes.  WHAT a fun character.  And when he talks to the camera, OMG it's absolute genius!  Like Malcolm in the Middle...for grownups!

Robin Wright Penn - I have loved this woman since she played Kelly on Santa Barbara.  She plays a very structured, calculated bitch (I mean that as a HUGE compliment) and I can't wait to see what kind of "take that" she cooks up this season.

LOVE the backstabbing that is already taking place.  Stealing half-shredded documents from a dumpster in the middle of the night?  OutSTANDing!!!

Can't wait for episode 2!!

True Blood: Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

SPOILER ALERT:  I am caught up on True Blood as of July 14th. 

WTF.  This show has gone total outer limits.  Thank god for Eric Northman or I'd have opted out long ago.  Where's the comedy?  Where's the intrigue?  Where's the FUN?!?

How Stephen Moyer hasn't told them to eff off by now is beyond me.  Then again, he's got much more (stupid) storyline than he did in the books at this I guess he's happy.  And he gets to remain on set with Anna Paquin and watch her make out with pretty much everyone on set.  (Haven't seen that yet this season?  Just wait.  It'll happen.  Clothing optional.)

OK so why do I continue to watch?  Because some of the things I *have* seen are just SO MUCH LIKE THE BOOKS and I can't help but love it.

I LOVE all the zooming around the vamps do.  It's perfect.  Here one minute - gone the next.  And
Eric flies.  That, alone, is worth all the huffing and puffing about boring Sam Merlot's storyline all night.

I am also digging the Pam/Eric storyline right now.  She's all "eff you - I hate you" but we all know she lives for him.  It's kindof like highschool boyfriends.  Tara's talents are completely wasted - up to this point.  What happened to the hilarity that girl used to bring to every show??  I am kindof liking her in the vamp camp though...and I like that went voluntarily with Eric.  Eric and Tara?  Together?  Helping each other out?  Now THAT is interesting.

Jessica is starting to scare me, too.  Lordddddddddd the whining.  She is whining about killing those fairies almost as much as Khaleesi whined about her dragons last season on Game of Thrones.  Shut the eff UP already!  And Bill is not your dad.  I was in SHOCK when he turned her away.  HE is a vampire, too!  You'd think boyfriend would realize it's OK to get it on with your progeny.  Hello?? Eric and Pam, much???

I don't know how to feel about the sortof hot/sortof not vamp, Warlow who killed Sookie's parents.  One minute I'm like "Does anyone now how this guy got this role?"  and the next I'm like "Oh.  THAT'S how he got this role.  Yum."

Let's tally, shall we?

Boring as hell: 
Sam / shifters
Alcide / wolves (even with the pecs)
Terry / Arlene
Andy / Andy's stupid, annoying fairy daughters (glad most of 'em are dead)

Jury's still out:
Lafayette (it PAINS ME OT SAY THAT.  GIVE the man a STORYLINE!)

The reason I watch: 
Jason (Thank god for Jason.  Seriously.  He's a constant.)
Steve Newlin's ex wife  (this woman is deliciously good at this role.)

I will continue to watch, just for scenes like Eric turning the governor's daughter.  That was somewhat new territory for True Blood.  Very sensual...yet sweet...with shades of Bill and Sookie's first encounter.

But I am hangin' by a thread.  Here's hoping SOMEONE on that production crew has read the books.

The Killing: A Ridiculously Innovative Show

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched Seasons 1 & 2 of The Killing (in the past week and a half!) 

Watched both seasons of The Killing...WOW.  What a whirlwind.  I recommend it highly.  You will spend 26 episodes on the edge of your seat.  Every week you think you know whodunnit...but you don't.  This show has more twists than Chubby Checker on an early 60's episode of Ed Sullivan.

I have been having fun checking out the actors that play these compelling characters.  What I find amusing/impressive is how much Joel Kinnaman transforms himself for this role.

I did a double take when I finally googled him after admittedly thinking "does this guy look like a total crackhead in real life, too??"

And then there is Mireille Enos.  Holy crap!  My husband and I are constantly doing "Sarah face" because she has this uncanny way of unnerving the hell out of us when she stares...or notices something no one else noticed and looks all freaky.  And the ponytails gets on my last nerve.  But WOW - girlfriend really cleans up well!

Now...I have to give you one MAJOR warning.  The Killing is not an easy show.  Not by a longshot.  For the first five or so eps, I didn't think I could make it through.  If you have kids...especially a will have a hard time with this.  (That's not a spoiler; you know what's what in the first minute of the show.  It's called "The Killing" for a reason.)

If you like crime drama but are sick to death of the same old BS that's out there now (what's next, CSI Wichita Falls??) you should DEFINITELY try this show.  It went off the air for a short time because AMC didn't have the funds to keep it afloat.  But they got such backlash from fans, that they decided to beg Fox for money team up with Fox...and they brought it back.

They are now 4 episodes into Season 3 and I have every intention of catching up (after I watch the last two True Bloods.  Yawn.  I'm hearing last week's was something tells me tonight's won't be much better.)

Fill me in on your thoughts if you watch The Killing!

True Blood Season 6: Has Everyone Just Gone Total Outer Limits?

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched one episode of Season 6.  

Ugh.  True Blood.  What have they DONE to you?  In the words of my cousin and fellow True Blood reader/watcher Jenn D, "what a mess!"

The storylines are all over the place.  The actors seem like they're trying so hard to keep up.  I actually stopped paying attention a few times last night because I was bored.  BORED!  By TRUE BLOOD!!!  There was a day that would have been sacrilege.   Now it's just the sad truth.

Let's get down to brass tacks.  Do they want Bill to be Billith or don't they???  Is he going to be this scary-assed blood monster...or is he going to be...just...Bill?  With a better hairstyle and more of a "go to bed young lady" tone?  It makes ZERO sense.

I'm meltinggggggg...
Last season, we ended the finale with Bill screaming like a banshee while covered with placenta.  This season, he's all dressed up in his Brooks Brothers and taking a moment to reflect with the gang.  And don't get me wrong - I kindof DIG this new Bill...because Bill's only problem thus far has been his tendency to be a little wussy man.  But you can't just throw the fact that the man MELTED out the window and bring him back like the thrice married, twice removed cousin of the town harlot on Young and the Restless!  What is this, the Vampire Diaries for pete's sake?!?  BLECH.

OK moving on.  Sookie, Sookie and more Sookie.  I don't know...she's just so whiny and blah this season...and has been for about 3 seasons.  Geez - I'd rather see her take her ass over to Bill's in her white nightgown, a la Season 1...and do the shiz out of his placenta-wearing ass.  WHILE he's wearing the placenta!

I want to be with you.  No, Sookie. No,
you.  No, Hoyt.  Wait.  Where the eff
is Hoyt?  No, Jason.  No, you.  Def you. 
OK Jess...I love you...but do you have ANY loyalty to ANYONE...EVER???  First it's Bill...then it's Hoyt...then it's Jason...then last night when I got up to go to the bathroom, it was Sookie...and when I came back from the bathroom, it was Bill again.  WTF woman.  Make up your MIND.

Eric.  Lordddddd Eric.  Thank god for him because I don't think I could watch without him.  Now listen up, are actually some good points about last night:

1)  LOVE that Eric is flying again.  And it's PERFECTION.  Just straight up.  The way he's supposed to.  Kudos.

2) LOVE that he's the Eric from the books who loves Sookie and is always there for her, but will walk away from her dumb ass whenever she gets uppity or needs some Sookie space.

You are not going to make me chase your
fuckin' ass all fuckin season now Eric,
are you?  Because I will. I fuckin' will.
Just say the fuckin word and I fuckin' will.
Pam - lordddddd Pam.  Could she have said "fuckin" one more time last night?  I'm thinking No.  Not that I care...but it was half her (boring, whiny) dialogue.  What happened to all her FUNNY?!?  And I feel bad for her because she's  like a beaten wife.  She needs to tell Eric to kiss her 40-something tight ass and ignore the shit out of him.  He'll come back in about 30 years or so.

Tara - ew - I HATE the Tara/Pam bullshit.  I would like them if they were just coy with each other once in a while or sitting in a booth at Merlots, giving each other knowing looks like in the books.  But this full on Mommy/Daughter, Maker/Makee freak show is just weirding me out.

Another pro coming:

I's is the only bitch all up in here who gits a BIG ASSED
picture at My Purgatory because I look goood and wear
orange and yellow like a mother fuckin', hot-ass bitch. 
THANK YOU LAFAYETTE!!!  I will say it again, he is one of the only reasons I keep watching.  I turned to my hubby last night and said "I wish I could hang with Lafayette when I'm sad...don't you?"  And he totally agreed.  They need to write all KINDS of new shit for him and give him a good storyline.  PRONTO.

OMG just get rid of the wolves.  All of them.  Kill 'em all and move on.  THAT'S how boring they are....even WITH Alcide's ass being in our faces all night.

Jason...oh poor Jason.  Please...PLEASE give this man something to do. I'd rather see him laying around half nekkid on the couch making stupid comments about the girl he banged last night.  Must we watch him run around like a commando again this season?  Just please make sure to make him funny.  Please.

Sam - OMG again - GIVE THIS MAN A STORYLINE that doesn't involve a pack of ANYTHING except gum.  Or beer.  That is IT!  I am SICK TO FREAKIN' DEATH OF WILD KINGDOM!!!

OK that's it for now.  I need to go cool down...